Corporate Pet Care ... Happy CatsnDogs Pet Care  
Happy CatsnDogs Pet Care provides dog walking and pet sitting services to employees of Middlesex County businesses. Companies can contact us to sign up, and as a benefit, their employees receive discounted pet care services.

Corporate Services Program Benefits ... Happy CatsnDogs Pet Care

  1. Increased Employee Morale
    Your employees can focus and concentrate directly on their work responsibilities knowing that their pets are being taken care of by experienced, professional, pet sitters.
  2. Increased Work Output
    Your employee’s can use their time more efficiently at work. They will be able to come in earlier and leave later, knowing their pet (s) are being taken care of.
  3. Discounted Rates for Pet Sitting
    We offer package discounts for corporate customers. You can use this extra money to spend on your loved pets!
  4. Increased Productivity at Work
    You won't need to shuffle between work and home to care for your pet (s). More work can be completed without distractions and you and your family will have more quality time with your pet (s).
  5. Pre-Screened Sitters
    Our Pet Sitters have already been pre-screened which saves you time and money researching and screening a quality pet sitting company.

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How the Corporate Services Program Works

We speak to or meet with you or your Company Executives to review the needs of the Company's Employees and answer questions or concerns related to the Corporate Services Program.

During this time your company can,

  1. Join the Corporate Program
    This enables their Employees to receive discounted dog walking, and pet sitting services.

Please note: There is a one time sign-up fee of $25.00. Employees will receive discount on fees.

  1. Marketing Materials
    We provide all of the marketing materials your business will need. These can be provided to your employees.
  2. Schedule an Informative, Interactive Session
    We provide informative, interactive, lunchtime presentations which means you and your Employees never have to leave work.
  3. Meet Us Directly
    Your Employees will be able to meet with Happy CatsnDogs directly to discuss their pet sitting needs.
  4. Schedule Free Interview
    Your employees can schedule their Free Interview or contact us to arrange a convenient time to meet.

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Have Extended Travel Plans ... Happy CatsnDogs Pet Care

Happy CatsnDogs provides quality dog walking and pet sitting services for employees who frequently travel away from the home or work long hours.

For more information, please check out Services & Rates.

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Our Service Area ... Happy CatsnDogs Pet Care

We service Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge and surrounding areas in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

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Special Conditions ... Happy CatsnDogs Pet Care

We are unable to guarantee last minute requests, 24 hours or less, especially if the employee has never previously used our services.

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